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diy: stars & stripes shorts

Fourth of July is just around the corner so slap on something patriotic and celebrate. Here is a fun DIY from BLDG 25 for some red, white, and blue shorts.

What you need: painters tape, fabric stencil spray paint, some foam brushes, star stencil and a piece of scrap cardboard. You can get all of the above supplies at Joann's or Hobby Lobby, or any other craft store.

When using the star stencil, make sure the stencil is as flat on the denim as possible – to do this put some double sided tape on the back to help adhere it to the shorts before you spray. The foam brushes also come in handy to help spread the paint evenly. Use a tiny paintbrush to help touch up the stars. 

For the stripes, you can choose to do vertical or horizontal. Using the painters tape, simply make thick stripes from top to bottom or side to side, leaving open the areas that will be painted red. Spray away!
When you’re finished, remove the tape and let the shorts dry. Leave in sun for quicker results.


[images via BLDG 25]


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