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I've written about this whole idea of never settling (here) and I'm still a firm believer in this idea. Sure, I've lost sight of it a couple times. I've settled in jobs, relationships, friendships...and I have done so in the recent past. We all can. We lose sight of what we can have and settle for what we have because we are afraid to reach for something more. Something better. Something we truly want.

Sometimes we think we are losing precious time. We rush into things because we feel like we will miss out. We don't want to end a part of our lives in order to start all over. Time is precious, as is life, but why waste it being unhappy? Sometimes the right things take time. So be patient. Go slow if need be. Let go of the bad and know the good will come in time.

Don't settle for a job where you're under-appreciated, where you're unfulfilled, where you're not doing what you love. Whose to say you can't have your dream job? Keep working towards it. We can't all be lucky in landing that job right away, but know you're busting your ass to get there.

Don't settle for a relationship where your times are more unhappy than not, where you don't have butterflies, where that person isn't your best friend, rock, love of your life. SJP said it best..."Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love." That person and that love is out there.

Don't settle for a friendship where it is one-sided, where there is drama, where there is anything less than support. The wonderful thing about friendship is that you choose who remains in your life. Sometimes it takes some trials and tribulations to see true colors. Let go of toxicity and embrace the good.

Sometimes it takes something or someone to serve as a reminder of what you deserve. Sometimes you just realize you aren't happy. Whichever it is, make a change. Know that you're worth something better. Do not settle.

I want to thank my truer-than-true friends, my supportive and wonderful family, and my can't-live-without-each-other love for showing me what real happiness is. I won't ever settle for anything less.
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  1. Love this! Great reminder for everyone.

  2. Thank you for this! I needed it today!!

  3. Yes, this was a nice post. Thanks for sharing! =)

  4. This is so true, and its good to have the reminder. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. A wonderful post! Thank you!


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