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east coast snapshots

I had an amazing couple days with Boyfriend over on the east coast. I barely slept on the redeye out to New York because I was way too excited. While bopping around the east coast (he's been on Warped Tour for what seems like forever), we hung out with his family, he did his thing on the drums, we caught some weeeeeird bands play, ate yummy BBQ grub, slept like sardines in his bunk, and even caught a showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

The best thing about our relationship is how much we appreciate the time we get together. It's not often and it's not a lot, but we make it work. We don't have to do anything extravagant to enjoy each other's company. We like the little things, and that's really what love is all about; finding someone to enjoy those little things.

The goodbye was hard, but he will be home soon! Here are some snapshots...

1. Early flight into NY
2. Boyfriend's cousins
3. Squished in his bunk
4. Sippin' on some cold ones
5. An amazing gift from Boyfriend
6. The boys playing Long Island
7. Being a nerd
8. Never without a smile
9. Making noise
10. Last day together. I was not too happy



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