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I've been going to yoga regularly, and there is one teacher I particularly like so I try to attend her classes as much as I can. I like her because she talks about life in a way that seems so simple to understand. Oh, and she doesn't make us hold the poses for too long either. Life's lessons seem to be a little easier when you're sole focus is breathing and bending and sweating. The rest of the world drowns out and your left with these simple ideas.

Last class she talked about a little boy that had a riddle. The riddle was, "Imagine you're trapped in a cardboard box. How do you get out?" Simple. You push it open. You cut it open with scissors. You jump out. You call a friend to help you. Wrong. All wrong according to this little tyke. A few more wrong guesses, and he finally gave the long-awaited answer to the riddle..."Just imagine you're outside of the box." Clever kid.

There are so many times we feel trapped. Trapped in a negative cycle of thinking. Trapped in a body we don't want. Trapped in an unfulfilling job. Trapped in an unhappy relationship. Trapped in a toxic friendship. Trapped in a life we never sought to have. There are so many little boxes we fold ourselves into, and then convince ourselves that we can't get out.


Convince yourself you can. Most of the time it's simply your thoughts that barricade you. Take yourself out of that cycle of negative thinking, and begin thinking positive. Imagine something better. Work towards it. Manifest it. If that means letting things go and moving forward then say your goodbyes. If it means reaching out for what you truly want then gather the courage to do it. Those if's, but's, and cant's are the only things holding you back. You're a lot freer than you actually think. 
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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I needed to hear those simple words of encouragement that we often forget about amidst the hustle and bustle of life. What an adorable riddle! Even with you bolding Imagine, I still wouldn't have answered the riddle correctly! ;)

  2. Wow this post really hit home. I do believe that even if we are stuck in places in our life, we can fix a lot of our situation with a positive mental outlook. I am in a place where I need to make up my mind and go for what I want. And it's all mental work. You are an example of a girl who sets her life in the direction she wants, works hard, and achieves it. I'm so glad I found your blog. You are so positive with wise words to share :)


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