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I'm always looking for fun and inspiring blogs on living a healthier lifestyle. It feels a little less lonely on the journey to bettering myself. If it means I'm home on a Friday night looking up healthy recipes, new workouts, or just having some quality time with myself, then I'm A-Okay with that. That's exactly what I did last night and I found the blog Laura Must Lose Weight.

This gal is such an inspiration. Just take a look at her 'before and after' pictures. She just proves that we can do anything we put our minds to. It's not always easy. It takes motivation, hard work, and perseverance. Aside from that, it takes exercise and a proper diet. You can find this all on her blog. I love her FAQ page where she answers all the typical weight loss questions. I especially like her answer on whether she drinks alcohol or not. It goes hand-in-hand with my post on change.

Remember, weight loss and changing habits don't happen overnight. It takes time to lose inches and time to say goodbye to old ways. It's not always easy hopping on board the "healthy train", and actually staying on. There are temptations (hellooo, Taco Bell commercials), slip-ups (hellooo, crunchwrap supreme), and unsuspected weight gain (hellooo, relationship weight). Forgive yourself and get back on the train. Know there are other passengers, like Laura and me, who are there to sit next to you.

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  1. Thanks Brianna:) You're always such an inspiration to me! I must admit that I let myself down for the last two months. I was extremely stressed because of exams and I stopped eating healthy. I also stopped going to the gym. I totally abandoned myself and needless to say that now I feel like crap! I read your weightloss post (again) and I felt the inspiration to take myself into control so as to achieve a betterand healthier lifestyle! I will keep u updated in a few weeks :)


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