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I love makeup. While I'm no "cake face," I still like to scour Sephora and Ulta for new items to try. Recently I found three must-haves for my every day. They go on quick and get me out the door. Just how I like it. Boyfriend always praises me on my timeliness in getting ready...until it comes to choosing the right outfit. Whoops.

So here are my go-to's...

I use this as concealer for under eyes and any redness. Goes on creamy and protects me from those UV rays.

The shimmery coral and sun-kissed bronze make fore a perfect two-in-one combo.

No need for foundation or powder. This smooths and perfects your natural skin. Miracle primer!

Add a little mascara and you're good to go!


  1. love these suggestions! I m in the market for new summer make up!


  2. love that your are putting up your favorite makeup suggestions! could you do a post about hair? i've noticed that you hair is always different and i always wonder if you get it professionally dyed or do it yourself (and which boxes/colors you use), what products you use to keep it healthy (cause i'm 24 and been highlighting it since 16), and how to style it! i always love your hair :) i also always scour your site for pictures of your home because i love your decorating! have fun in ny! :) (ps i live in ny!)

    1. Aww. I will definitely post more on beauty and decorating. Thanks for giving feedback!


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