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Several months ago I wrote a post on finding that one great love. It was a time of release. I released any hurt, big or small, that lingered in my heart, and found there was still something left. FaithI still believed that someone was out there. I decided to simply letting it happen, and knew that it would be worth it.

And it was worth it. 

A month later my great love walked into my life. Again. Turned out he had been there all along, and timing was finally on our side. It's funny how life works sometimes, but I now trust in it more than ever.

So do it. Trust.

Know that opportunities are placed in front of us when we are ready. Know that we are introduced (or re-introduced) to people when there is room in our hearts. This is how timing works. It doesn't always make sense. Sometimes we wonder why relationships didn't work out. We contemplate whether we are with the right person. We struggle to understand why we can't be with certain people. 

Timing can be troubling and discouraging, and you probably want to strangle me when I say to trust in it. But try. Embrace loneliness, rather than trying to fill it with that past relationship that didn't work out. If you're contemplating a relationship, follow your instincts, even if it says to let it go. Accept that you're not meant to be with a certain person, whether it's right now or ever.

The right person will come into your life when you..
Say goodbye to the past.
Stop forcing things.
Let go and let happen.

And of course, 

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  1. thanks for the reminder. needed to hear this today :)


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