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yay for yoga

I've recently gotten back into Bikram Yoga and I've been sweating my little tush off. And every other body part. Aside from wanting to puke, feeling dizzy, and asking myself "whyyyy?" I'm getting used to class all over again. I feel refreshed. All the toxins are gone, whether mental or physical. While it's tough, it's actually a nice break from the real world.

Now Free People has their own yoga line, which is even more motivation to go to class every day (my goal is to go every day for two weeks). I could use a few goodies...

[image via Free People]

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  1. NO WAY!!!!! i LOVE free people, i think this is the best ever!! so happy right now! and I did bikram yoga too, getting there is the hardest, after the class i felt like a million dollars!


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