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While I love a good pop of color on my fingertips, my favorite go-to polish is black. It's classy, dark, and pretty much goes with everything. I really like the matte look and the shiny look.

I came across a way to paint your nails so you can get the best of both worlds. A matte nail with shiny accents. Looks easy enough!

Thank you ladies of The Beauty Department.

Here is how you do it:

1. Paint your entire nail with black polish.

2. Next paint a matte topcoat over all of the nails.

3. Next, just for fun we did an accent nail with stripes. Cute 1/4″ strips of tape and lay them across the nail.

4. Use your original shiny black polish to coat over the strips of tape. Let that dry while you do the next step.

5. Make a little puddle of the shiny black polish and use your dotting tool to make different sized dots on the other nails. They’ll kind of end up looking like rain 

6. When you’re finished with your dots, peel back the tape strips on your accent nail to reveal the matte stripes. Then clean up the edges.
[image and article via The Beauty Department]

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  1. that looks really cool! awesome idea! I think I would try it with another polish though as I'm not a big fan of black nailpolish on myself :)



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