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I am a clean freak. Clutter stresses me out, messiness gives me the heebie-jeebies, and a single dish in the sink constitutes a messy apartment in my eyes. Like I said, FREAK! I've diagnosed myself with a sliiiight case of OCD (this hasn't been confirmed by a professional).

With my upcoming move to Boyfriend's house...Oh yeah, that's big news I haven't shared! We are absolutely thrilled to take this next step together and make a house a home.

So yeah, with the upcoming move it was high time for some de-cluttering. I started with the closet, then the bathroom, then the living room. There's plenty left to do, but I'm surprisingly not stressed. Letting go of items is actually really freeing. It's like I'm making room for new things, and new memories. Even if I don't fill up the empty spaces, it just means there is more room to breathe.

Making "keep" and "donate" piles of clothes reminded me of what I was doing when I wore them. Looking at old pictures brought me back to those moments and the people in them. Paging through books made me want to read them again and discover things I missed the first time. There were so many memories crammed into each and every little thing. Some I smiled over. Some I laughed at. Some I cried over. So many different feelings, but the one constant was growth.

I'm not who I once was. I grew up. I left behind certain lifestyles, people, jobs, and relationships that I no longer needed, and kept the ones I did. I made room for new and better things. The spaces I opened up have been filled with exactly what I want and need. I'm a new, stronger, and freer person because of it.

De-cluttering doesn't have to be solely for an apartment or house. It can be for life too. It takes time, thought, and essentially decisions. Ask yourself if you need it. Do you need that pair of six-inch heels you can't walk in? Or that unsupportive relationship? Or seven pillows to sleep on? Or a job you're unhappy at? Essentially it's up to you on what stays and goes in your life. I hope you find the ability to let things go.

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  1. This is a beautiful post! It's always good to be reminded to not just de-clutter our lives of possessions but also of behaviors, jobs, and relationships that aren't benefitting us anymore. I think it can be hard to realize that it's necessary.

  2. I can 100% relate to this post - i too live in a clutter-free zone.
    I will be spending this coming weekend de-cluttering in preparation for moving house in a couple of weeks.. and I totally expect to have the same experience as you with the smiles and the tears and the memories!
    Great post. xx

  3. Beautiful post, Brianna.


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