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money meltdown?

I've raved about Stephanie St. Claire of BLISSBOMBED over and over (hereherehere). She's an amazing life coach whose words bring a smile to my face, and a sigh of relief to me with each reading.

One of her latest posts is on money. You know, that papery green stuff that controls a lot of how we live, but it shouldn't control who we are or how we feel.  She writes about how we can stop letting that dough stress us out so much.

There is ebb and flow to bringing something great into the world. Moments of intensity followed by moments of nothingness. This is the intelligently-designed blueprint of creation. Trying to “rush it” doesn’t work. Trying to work harder doesn’t work. When it’s intense, work within the inspiration of the moment. When it subsides, get up from your desk and go camping.

Having a plan in place is more for your peace of mind than a statement of how it’s really gonna go. That’s okay! Work your plan and adjust when needed. Stressing and freaking out that the plan needs to change will only tire you. Take a deep breath and re-center your peace + power. The money is coming.

It is not your responsibility to try to make the process go faster. Your responsibility is to relax and get out of your own way, so the process can work. Trust that the money is coming.

Your journey is YOUR JOURNEY. It’s fun and enlightening to listen to other people’s stories of how it went for them, but for better or worse, you will have your own process. It may go quicker, slower, require more effort, or mental tenacity than them.  Don’t get hung up on feeling you should be further along. Where you are is just perfect. The money is coming.

How long you’ve been at it says nothing about how much further you need to go. Just because it’s been hard, doesn’t mean it’s gonna stay hard. The breakthrough is coming quicker and easier than you think. Guessing how it’s going to play out is not your responsibility. Your job is to breathe, love yourself through this process, surrender, show up, be present, keep your eyes on the prize, and dance. The money is coming.

It feels like you’ve been striving for a long, long time and it’s easy to start to think this is all there is. Don’t get so mentally/emotionally beaten down by the labor that you forget that this glorious creation of yours is on the way. You are having a BUSINESS! Hooray! What you’re experiencing right now is just the means – not the ends. One of the rewards of your labor is a ground-up super expansion of your strength and tenacity, and when the goal is reached you will be a more capable person than you ever imagined. Stay present to your dream. The money is coming.

Right when it’s the hardest, and you truly, truly KNOW you can’t do it anymore is when you are closest to success. Some people have easy labors/easy business launches. That’s rare. Most of us have to cross the Bridge of Surrender. The I-freaking-can’t-do-this-anymore / looks-like-I’m-gonna-have-to-quit bridge. (The same thing happens in baby labor. Right before the kid is born, you go through a thing called transition which causes you to emotionally quit). This is a scientific process and it produces great results. Just trust, keep letting go and surrendering, and focus on the love that you are creating. The money is coming.
[article via BLISSBOMBED] [click on image for source]

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