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thoughts on relationships pt. 2

Appreciate the little things. It's important to spend time with the one you love and continue to learn more and more about each other. Spend your time getting lost in conversations, curled up on the couch, or cooking dinner together. When you spend time together doing everyday things then you know what real life will be like with that person. 

Too often people try to fill their relationships with excitement. Vacations, nightlife, activities. They get blinded by this fantasy life and forget the actual meaning of a relationship. Real life is going to hit one day and you may not like who you're standing with when all the excess is gone.

Settle down with someone who you enjoy spending time even if you're doing absolutely nothing. This doesn't mean you shouldn't try new things or become hobbits, but there is a balance to everything. If you attempt everything all at once, you'll have nothing to look forward to in the future.

Take your time. There are big moments in relationships. They are the steps you take to move further in life with the one you love. They are memories that are meant to be special and hold a place in both your hearts. With such big decisions, it's okay to take your time in making them.

People unfortunately rush these big moments. They want it all now, now, now. And who wouldn't? The first part of a relationship is the "honeymoon stage" where everything is new and seemingly perfect. It blinds couples and makes them feel as though they are ready for these huge stepping stones. They'll be too far in when they realize the honeymoon is over.

Remember that relationships take time to develop. It's okay to take your time in understanding what and who is right to fit into your life. With life-changing moments, whether moving in, getting engaged, or saying "I do," it's best to think, breathe, and wait a minute. Be patient. Communicate. Plan ahead. Be certain the time is right. 

Be thoughtful. Everyone wants to feel special in some way. It can turn someone's whole day around or just remind them that they are loved. Try to do little things to remind someone of how much they mean to you. Whether it's monetary, homemade, or a simple statement, it's important to be thoughtful towards the one you love.

Losing the spark is a terrible thing, especially when there are feelings of being under-appreciated or overlooked. Unfortunately it happens. Couples get comfortable in the day-to-day and forget about doing anything remotely special.

Little surprises go a long way. It could be a "good luck" text. Picking up hair gel from the store. Buying a simple piece of jewelry. All of these things just show that you care and that you're thinking of your partner. And giving is always better than receiving in my opinion.


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