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A lot of you have been asking for my grocery list. While it varies every week, I do have a few staples! Here is what a typical list looks like...

Almond milk
Greek yogurt
Green apples
Lean ground turkey
Shredded wheat
White onions
Whole wheat English muffins

Almond milk is delicious with shredded wheat or a fruit cocktail. Fruit is perfect to snack on, mix in smoothies, yogurt, or shredded wheat. Eggs are great hard boiled for a snack, and egg whites are healthy for breakfast. Garlic and white onions give flavor to the ground turkey. Kale works great for smoothies and salads. Whole wheat English muffins make for a yummy breakfast when paired with peanut butter. Zucchini makes a great alternative to pasta.

I don't have a lot of carbohydrates on my grocery list because at the moment I'm trying to shed the last few pounds. I also make protein shakes with my vanilla and chocolate flavors, both taste great with peanut butter or fruit. I drink a lot of water, which is why soda or flavored drinks aren't on the list. When I plan on making dinners for Boyfriend, I obviously add a few special ingredients to the list.

Everything makes for great fuel for gym days, especially when I go in the early morning and again at night with my gym buddy. This my thirty-ninth (phew) consecutive day at the gym, and I'm feeling goooood...and sore, in the best way possible. I set a goal of thirty, passed it, and now it's a goal of fifty.

I'm so proud of you guys for telling me about your own goals and thirty day challenges on Twitter and through email. Keep at it! You give me a lot of inspiration and encouragement. When you find motivation, don't lose it. Keep pushing yourself to be better. To work harder. To eat better. It's all going to benefit you in the end.


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  1. Your grocery list looks great! I've been trying to get back to clean eating and exercise lately and this post (and your whole blog!) is great inspiration. Would love to see a post of your daily eats too :).


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