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words will never hurt me

There is a cruelness in using words to tear others down. When there are those who can't find their own happiness, they focus all their energy on tearing down the happiness of others. It's a grown-up form of bullying. I used to let it ruin my cup of coffee, a lazy night in, or a workout at the gym. It could affect my mood in ways that would take me from highs to ultimate lows. But why? They were simply...


And they were all hidden behind phones, laptops, tweets, and email addresses. Now, there are so many places to hide, outlets to lash out from, and safety nets of cyber friendships to keep the drama going. Honestly, it's sad. It makes the world a darker place. These hurtful words try to dull the light of others, but in the end only put out your own light.

So, let go.

Let others be happy. Let yourself be happy. Let your words be filled with love, positivity, and good influence. Let your thoughts focus on better, healthier, and happier ideas. Find love for others, especially for yourself.

And for those being torn down...

Be bigger.

Be happy. Be you. Be proud. Be unphased by the words sent to attack you with the click of a button. Be forgiving of those who revolve their bad energy around you. They must suffer from great unhappiness, so send them good wishes.

Carry on with your life, the choices you make, and the people you surround yourself with. Maintain your good thoughts. Continue speaking with a sweet tongue. Follow your own path to contentedness. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being happy. Don't let anyone take that away.


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