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I think people are competitive by nature. Some more than others. But why? If you're truly happy, than you shouldn't set out to be better than anyone else. There shouldn't be anything to prove. There should be a comfortable contentedness in the life you lead and the person you are, and that's all that should matter. Period.

Motives and goals shouldn't be set based on others. These intentions should be thought up by you, and solely for you. The hard work you put into being successful shouldn't be to prove anything, other than to yourself. Knowing that you are capable, strong, and moving forward should be enough.

When the focus is on being better than others, rather than simply bettering yourself, you get nowhere. There are no positive motives, only wrong reasoning. You're aiming to put others down with your standard of "better." Better salary, better body, better social life, better spouse, better home, better clothes. The list goes on and on.

The only person I want to compete with is myself. With this healthy mindset, there are no comparisons. I aim to be better than who I used to be. I aim to grow, to be happy, to constantly change and transform. This life is mine, and I mold it exactly how I want to. 

My intentions are to inspire others to live a life they want. This blog, my thoughts, journeys, and progress aren't meant to make anyone feel less than they are. They aren't meant to say "look at me." There are no negative motives. My only honest message is that you can do it.


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