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pining for pinterest

Arts and crafts is my middle name. Well, it's actually Sky, but you get the picture. I love anything that involves a hot glue gun, paint, and some mod podge. There's something about making something from scratch that gives it a special feel. I would much rather spend a night in doing DIY's then going out for a wild night. Maybe that makes me a grandma, but I'm totally cool with that.

Later, my friend Tina and I are going to embark on a night of crafting. I'm excited to say the least. We don't know what DIY we will be getting into yet, but Pinterest is always flowing with inspiration. Here are some I would like to dabble in soon...

[Chalkboard mason jars]
[Peppermint candle]
[Sharpie-written plate]
[Cork coasters]
[Lemon poppy seed soap]
[Newspaper gift bags]



  1. neat! for a sec i thought the soap looked like blocks of cheese, aha :p

  2. those bags at the end are super cute!


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