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thanksgiving memory

I spent my Thanksgiving with Boyfriend, my family, and Boyfriend's family up at my mom's house. It was so special for our families to come together and celebrate the holidays. It was even more special because my adorable nephew was in town with my sister and brother-in-law. There were tons of laughs, long conversations, and delicious grub.

My mom and sister decorated the table so beautifully with sunflowers, wooden pumpkins, and name cards. Everyone brought a dish to enjoy, and they were all enjoyable. The unbuttoning of the pants was definitely a move some of us pulled. My favorite part of the day was when everyone shared what they were thankful for. It was really heart-warming to be surrounded by so many of the people that I love.

I couldn't have asked for a better day, better people, or a better way for our future in-laws to come together. I am so blessed.

My better half.

The whole gang.
Lukie helping in the kitchen.

Sis and hubby with the delicious turkey.

Curious little guy.

Place settings.

Typical Traynor boys.

Cutest family.

Silly faces.

We love nana!

Bue-Bue and Lukie.

Boyfriend giving Luke a drum lesson.

The Traynor clan.

My family.


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