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the way to his heart

I am a baker at heart. Always have been. Mom used to find me in the cupboards, pulling out flour and sugar. She used to find me using drawers as steps to reach the wooden spoons. I love those moments that come with baking. When the dough sticks to your hands in sugary crumbles. When you know the cookies are done because of the golden edges. When a cake bounces back when you press your fingertip to it. When the air fills with the smell of vanilla wafting from the oven. It's a feeling of comfort. It's a feeling of home.

I think my favorite part of baking is giving the treats away. Which is why I decided to bake treats for Boyfriend. After twenty-eight days of being apart, he is finally coming home tomorrow. So I pulled out the baking sheets, bowls, ingredients, and my newest cake pop maker, and got to work. My mama was over and she helped me. I probably ate more dough than I should have, but after some hard work, I ended up with cake pops and cookies.

The thing I love about baking is that it's from the heart. It's not a monetary gift. It's something you spent time on, put effort and creativity in,  for the sole purpose of making someone smile. That's all I want for him, is for him to smile.


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  1. I love baking too! I've got a Christmas cookie swap next month for Junior League and I'm already brainstorming recipes.


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