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thoughts on relationships pt. 4

Laugh. Laughter is honestly medicine. It can patch up a little tiff or give you the boost you need in your day. It's free and natural, and is important in any relationship.

There are times to be serious. Bills pile up, plans need to be scheduled, and there are those hardships that come up that require heart-to-hearts. Try to remember the humor. Look at the bright side. Find little bits of happiness in the most unlikely of places.

Sometimes it's okay to bust out laughing during a ridiculous argument. Watching a smile creep to your partner's lips as they join you in a full belly laugh is the best closure to any scuffle. Act silly during mundane errands. Create happy memories in unmemorable situations. If you embarrass yourself, laugh it off. It won't matter to your other half when you have spinach in your teeth or go to bed with pimple cream on. They're right for you when they are completely accepting.

Involve family. Families are part of who we are. They make up each and every one of us. It's so important to include them in a relationship. And why wouldn't you want to? Meshing the two things that mean the most to you, family and spouse, is so special.

Sometimes couples seclude themselves into a world that involves only two. It's normal to head into La La Land and forget about everyone else, but it's important to re-enter the real world. Families shouldn't be neglected and time spent with them is so valuable.

So introduce your family to the one you love. Show them why you hold them so dear to your heart. Spend quality time together. It will show your partner where you come from, and a whole new side of you, even if it's through humiliating photos and stories of your youth. It's so important for a relationship to have support from loved ones. After all, they may be family one day.

Past is past. There's a saying that goes, "Everyone has baggage. Find someone who will help you unpack." Most of the time we have been involved in previous relationships before we find "the one." It's typical to have memories and biases from other partners, but we can't let it hinder us.

Sometimes we take what hurts us from past relationships into our new ones. Whether it's trust issues, abuse, lack of support, etc. etc. The list can go on and on. We tend to blame or accuse our new partners of actions they haven't even committed. Or we go into a new relationship with a negative mindset. Or we compare ourselves to exes. It's a vicious way to think, and will ultimately hurt a potentially good relationship.

Leave the past in the past. This includes people and perceptions. Remember you are with someone new. Have a fresh outlook. Have faith. Stop comparing yourself to others because your partner clearly chose you. Focus on the present and creating a healthy, happy relationship.



  1. This is great advice!!! I love this post and clearly needed to read it!


  2. You're a mind reader, girl! (Good advice for me today.) Love your blog X


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