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Well, clearly the world did not end. Yay! The new year promptly arrives on our doorsteps at midnight. 2012 seemed to move at a rapid pace, yet held so many lasting memories. I looked back on last year's 'reflections' post, and am so happy to write a completely different post this year. Last year's post was about "what if's" and missed chances, while this year I embraced the word "yes" and put fears aside.

I took a chance on graduate school, and wound up as a preschool teacher working my way through school. I took a chance on a relationship, and wound up with the love of my life. I took a chance on leaving Tempe to move in with Boyfriend, and wound up with a warm home and my own family of critters. I took a chance on putting my words out there, further expanding this blog and meeting wonderful people along the way.

I said farewell to the people who weren't good for me. Realizing I was too old for childish behavior and toxicity, I left friendships far behind me without looking back. I said farewell to the struggles of part-time jobs to find a steady schedule and pay, along with a passion for teaching. I said farewell to the ol' dating game that was filled with indecisive, careless little boys. I said farewell to the draining lifestyle of bars and parties, to find a bigger wallet and a bigger picture.

It was a year of hello's and goodbye's, in which I put my happiness first. Selfish? No. It's my life. I have one chance to live it. I chose to make it all that it can be, without regrets. I followed my heart. I did what was right for me. I stopped listening to the opinions of others. I moved forward. I refused to settle.

I push you to do the same this upcoming year. Find your own pathway to happiness, and take it. 
Make 2013 your year.


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