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snowy eve

Boyfriend, the pups, and I ventured to Flagstaff this morning in hopes of snow. We kept checking different weather reports, which all told us various temperatures and forecasts. We decided to just go and see what was in store. We were in luck. There was a snowstorm as we entered the city limits, and white snow coated the ground and trees.

We ate at a little mom and pop diner that claimed they had the ultimate biscuits. After sipping down some hot chocolate, we were served the ultimate biscuits. They were bigger than my head. Both our jaws dropped and we could only finish one of the four. With full bellies, we headed out to find the perfect hill.

We found one as we drove down the I-17. We parked, bundled up, leashed up the pups, and slipped and slid as we walked through the snow. The dogs did great for their first time in the snow. Charlie was a bit cold and Nugget just wanted to run around. We sledded and had a snowball fight. It was a really wonderful Christmas Eve in the snow.


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