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you ask, i answer pt. 4

Q: What's a day in the life of Brianna?
A: It's a busy one, but I've always enjoyed being busy. I'm a full-time preschool teacher, graduate student (online program), gym resident, and blogger of this site. It can get a little crazy, but I have a planner that allows me to manage my time better. I sometimes don't know what I would do without it! There is always a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day, and I can go to bed happy.

Weekdays typically look like this:

6:00 AM: Wakeup!
6:30 AM: Gym (3/4 cardio, 1/4 strength training)
8:00 AM: Breakfast (protein-packed)
8:30 AM: Commute to work
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM: Teach the kiddos. Light lunch at 12:00.
5:00 PM: Head home. Unwind. Eat pre-workout snack.
6:00 PM: Take workout amplifier (Hyper Fx)
6:30 PM: Gym (1/4 cardio, 3/4 strength training)
8:30 PM: Late dinner (protein-packed)
9:00 PM: Homework. Blogging. Journaling. Reading.
10:30 PM: Bedtime

My weekends are just the same, but without the 9-5 workday. Instead of working, I spend my time with Boyfriend, family, friends, and pups. I enjoy hiking, going to the dog park, spending my time at Barnes and Noble, painting pottery, and going to the movies. I generally don't go out anymore, as it's not a lifestyle that appeals to me. I will have a beer or a cocktail every once in awhile. I also typically save my "free" meal for a weekend night, and it's usually a date night with Boyfriend.

Honestly, my schedule modifies a little bit when Boyfriend is home. Our time together is precious because it's limited with his band touring a lot. When he is here, I will usually do a longer morning workout, which leaves the rest of the evening to spend with him and our adorable pups.

There are twenty-four hours in a day. 7-8 of those should be spent sleeping, and the rest are yours to schedule. I look at workouts as any other appointment or obligation. If you set them out ahead of time, you are more likely to follow through with them. It's all about commitment, balance, and finding a schedule that works for you.



  1. I see you take Hyper FX. I've been wanting to try it. Does it keep you awake at night? Why do you prefer taking it before your evening work outs instead of morning? or maybe you take it both? I don't know much about it so any more feedback would be great. Love your blog! so inspirational! :)

  2. hi, do you mean you workout 3hour30 a day?!?

  3. It is so inspiring to see that you make the time for a workout every morning despite your school/work obligations. I get so overwhelmed sometimes...maybe a more organized planner would help. What planner do you use?

  4. You're very committed but it shows in that your bod is amazing and you seem so nice!

    Do you ever wake up and decided to skip a workout?

  5. How the heck do you Journal, Blog, Homework and Read for only an hour and a half at night? That is impressive. I usually get caught up in that part and get to bed by 1 am and then am too tired to wake up and work out!


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