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We all want to boost our metabolism. It helps us maintain our weight and lose weight. However, they tend to lose their fast pace as we age. I miss the days of eating Taco Bell and still maintaining a flat tummy. Le sigh. So, now that we are older, how do we rev up our metabolism engine?

Eat protein. Protein keeps you energized, but it also takes a lot of calories to digest it. Bring on the peanut butter! I eat about five meals a day with a good amount of protein in each. I always feel full and fueled for the day.

Drink green tea. This herbal goodness is not only tasty, but contains a magical ingredient (EGCG) to speed up your metabolism. I love drinking this hot or cold. It's refreshing on a hot day, and warms me up on a chilly day.

Strength train. Don't be scared of weights or the gym machines. They are your secret weapon for a toned body and a speedy metabolism. Get in there with the boys and push yourself!

Morning workout. Roll out of bed and get to the gym. Morning workouts rev up your metabolism for the entire day. I know, I know. It's hard to roll out of bed, but it's worth it and you'll soon enjoy it once your body adjusts.

Eat breakfast. Don't skip the "most important meal of the day." It really does get your metabolism working and gives you energy for the day. Don't starve yourself!

Drink water. If you are dehydrated, your metabolism slows down. Plus, you're thirsty! It will also keep you feeling full. If you aren't sure if you're hungry or bored, then drink a glass of water. A lot of the time it will fill you up.



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