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Boyfriend and I had been planning a California vacation for months now, so when it finally came we were very excited. We don't head out of town a lot because we both have responsibilities and like to save our money, but we also like to spread vacations out. When things are done in excess, they lose their value and excitement. At least, that is how we see it.

We drove out to Anaheim to shop and dine in Downtown Disney. We were able to see some friends for dinner, and found some really cool shops. The next day we had an early breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen before we ventured into Disneyland. We gorged on the delicious buffet and met some of our favorite characters. With full bellies we headed into the park as soon as it opened and instantly became little kids again. We spent a solid fourteen hours riding rides, meeting characters, shopping, and eating treats. Our feetsies were definitely hurting after that.

The next day we headed to Los Angeles to stay with my sister, her hubby, and Lukie Bear. We relaxed, played with the little munchkin, and then headed to dinner at a tiny Italian joint that had delicious dishes. With full bellies we headed out for drinks with friends. The next day we played at the Santa Monica Pier, shopped at the Grove, and ate the much-anticipated Sprinkles ice cream. YUM. After more playtime with Lukie, we went to Japanese Barbecue with more friends. It was a blast. I swear we saw more friends out of town then we do in town.

It was an amazing trip filled with wonderful memories. I can't wait until we can plan our next adventure.



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