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 I've put my hair through hell. From brown, to red, to blonde, to brown again. It's been quite a hair journey, that was also filled with impulsive cuts, nasty extensions, and blunt bangs. I apologize, little strands. I quit hair dye (for now), and I won't clip fake hair in you ever again. I plan to let you grow, grow, grow.

This is what I use for my hair...

Biotin. This stuff has done wonders for my hair. It's grown faster and stronger.
Argan oil. My mom got me hooked on this, along with buying me the little tub. It keeps my hair soft, while protecting it from UV damage and styling heat. I like to leave it on overnight for an ultra hair treatment.
Sulfate-free wash. This shampoo and conditioner smells amazing! It's sulfate-free, so it doesn't dull or strip your hair. It's clean and healthy for your hair.

On top of these products, I usually let my hair air-dry and use a straightener for touch ups on my natural waves. I get a light trim every two months. Once a week, I will leave in conditioner overnight. I've put my hair through enough. I realize it's time to take care of it.



  1. The organix oils are also amazing!


    they're on sale for $6 at Ulta and there's also a 20% off coupon for today! :)

  2. How long did you use biotin until you noticed results?


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