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My favorite day at the gym is when it's "arms day." There is something about getting in the weight room and lifting. I started out at 8 lbs and now I'm lifting 25 lbs. It's crazy knowing what our bodies can do with practice and dedication. I feel stronger than ever! 

Here is my arm workout for those of you that have been asking. Remember, everyone is different! You can change the amount of reps and weights to suit you and where you are at in lifting. Try to lift weights that challenge you. Make sure you can complete the set, but make sure it's very difficult at the last rep.



  1. hi! I absolutely love your blog :) your blog and instagram is one of a few that have inspired me to begin my own journey through blogging. I have emailed you a few times asking for tips and such in beginning my healthy lifestyle but can only imagine how busy you are. Just wanted to stop by and tell you, you are truly an inspiration. Keep up what you do because it is amazing and inspiring!

    Here is my url just in case you are interested in looking at it:

    Thanks a bunch.

  2. These are so helpful. A video would be amazing too to see form.



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