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I've recently started carb cycling, which has been awesome for helping my muscles peek through. Carb cycling is basically a low or no carb diet, with high carb days mixed in. Eating this way revs metabolism, promotes fat loss, and retains muscle. Perfect, right?

It takes a bit of meal planning, dedication, and will power. There are many cycles out there that you can choose to do. It's all about your body and your needs. Typically, you want to eat high carbs on intense workout days because you need that energy!

I've tried this cycle:
Low, no, low, high, low, high, no. That translates into..

Monday: low
Tuesday: no
Wednesday: low
Thursday: high
Friday: low
Saturday: high
Sunday: no

It was difficult eliminating all carbs, which included my beloved fruit, protein powders, and some vegetables. What in the world was I supposed to eat? So, I'm still experimenting. I think my best bet is to cycle between low carb and high carb.

It's all about trial and error. I'm not an expert by any means, but a lot of you ask me about carb cycling, so I thought I would share my thoughts and experience with it.

Here are some of my own sample meals plans:

I eat a lot of small meals each day because it keeps me from overeating at one sitting, and keeps my metabolism revved. This is where meal prep comes in. My meals for my workdays are always planned, prepped, and packed the night before. When you plan ahead, you're less likely to step off track.

I hope this provided a little help for those who are curious about carb cycling. You will probably need more resources on it, so I would check out this article from Cut and Jacked. It really helped me understand the diet and it's benefits.


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