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Just the other day, while my little kiddos were on recess, my teaching assistant and I were enjoying conversations and the lovely weather. I was telling her how weirdly wonderful things were going in my life, and said, "I'm just waiting for something to go wrong." She merely shook her head and said, "You can't think that way. You have to think good thoughts in order for good things to come. If you dread something bad, then bad things come. It's the law of attraction."

It got me thinking for the next few days. My whole family has read The Secret, which describes this magical law of attraction and how you create your own life. I haven't read it yet, although I know it's sitting somewhere on my crowded bookshelf. I feel the need to read it now because I have more life experience under my belt, along with an open mind.

What I didn't realize until that conversation with my assistant, is that I've unknowingly been living by the Law of Attraction for the past year. Around this time last year, I let go of the negative things and people around me. I only wanted positive and meaningful areas and people in my life. I was ready for a career, love, true friendship, a stronger relationship with myself. I was open to it. I wasn't closed off to letting the good in my life anymore because my life wasn't cluttered with confusion and negativity.

I now have a career as a teacher. I'm graduating from graduate school in May. I have the love of my life, and the truest friends. I have never felt more in tune with myself. This isn't meant to be a bragfest. It's just that I honestly hit rock bottom last year, and my life has changed in so many ways, and it can happen for you too. It isn't until you've hit rock bottom, or come close to it, that allows you to only go up from there. At that point, you only want life to get back on track. This is where the Law of Attraction comes in.

You have to know what you want in life. You have to manifest it. You have to see it for yourself. You have to attract it with your actions, thoughts, and words. Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative. Change your way of thinking, and you can change your life.



  1. I had no idea your a teacher! I currently am working at at Montessori as a teacher's assistant and starting my teaching program in the fall at ASU! Wondering what grade you teach and if you have any suggestions for entering into this career! I have no idea if I want to go to graduate school or even if I should and would love any suggestions you might have :)

  2. Such a wonderful uplifting post. Really makes me reflect upon my own life :)


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