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who am i? pt. 2

I wrote a post a while back on who I am as a person. I thought it would be fun to write it up again, and see how things have changed. My life has gone in so many new directions in the past year. Some things have stayed the same, and some have changed so much. All for the better.

I am...passionate.
I want...to write a cookbook, and a best-selling novel.
I have...the cutest little pups on the planet. Nugget and Charlie.
I wish...for peace.
I hate...nothing. It's too strong of a word, but I really dislike ginger (blech!), bad grammar, and hotel sheets.
I fear...sharks, heights, and losing the ones I love.
I hear...Tegan and Sara entirely too often.
I search...for my next pair of Jeffrey Campbells.
I wonder...what's out in that big universe.
I regret...nothing. Everything happens for a reason, and I've learned from every path I've followed.
I love...my family, friends, pets, and boyfriend.
I ache...after leg day at the gym.
I always...try to inspire.
I usually...cook way too much food. At least we always have leftovers.
I am not...going to be anyone but me.
I dance...with finger wiggles and robot moves. Rhythm isn't on my side.
I sing...in the car. Loudly. Hand in the air. Eyes closed. It's safe, I promise.
I never...want a divorce.
I sometimes...sleep in past seven on the weekends. Rarely.
I cry...during sappy movies, during American Idol and The Biggest Loser, over puppies that need homes, when my boyfriend makes me laugh too hard...basically everything.
I am not always...confident.
I lose...at Monopoly pretty much every time.
I am confused...by Google maps and fake people.
I need...to drink more water.
I should...be at the gym.


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