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forgive and move on

When you fully love yourself is when you are capable of forgiving those who have wronged you, even when you didn't receive an apology or see any sort of remorse. There are those in the world who are there to teach you what it feels like to hurt, but without them you wouldn't learn the process of forgiving and moving on.

We have our own ways of working our way through this process. We can write in journals. Talk to close friends, or even therapists. We can run to clear our minds. We learn what works for us as we move through life and different circumstances.

However, many of us don't know how to move on and refuse to forgive. There are those who choose to remain in hate and within their grudges. It's all so consuming and drives their actions, which end up being bitter and cruel. Their outlook on the world is negative, and the view of themselves are sure to follow. The past is where they choose to remain because it's comfortable and familiar. Hating people is satisfactory. It's a scary and sad place to be.

No one can push you to forgive another. No one can push you out of the past. No one can push you to take a step towards love. It's up to you. It's up to you to realize you love yourself enough to live your life with a clear and positive mind, and an open and accepting heart. It's up to you to become mentally healthy. It's up to you to make your world a beautiful place.

It doesn't mean you have to let everyone in again. There are those who are meant to come into your life, teach you, and leave. Leave them where they are supposed to be, away from you. Forgiveness isn't about hearing, "I'm sorry." It's about accepting an apology you never received, and having the inner peace for it to be enough.


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