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six week challenge

I feel like I have hit a plateau lately. My abs have gone soft from wine and indulgences, and I am lacking motivation. While I still go to the gym six days a week, there is very little "umph" in my step. It happens. I'm human. I need a push. I need a challenge. So, today kicks off my 6 week challenge. I chose 6 because it's my lucky number and because I feel like it's a good amount of time to transform. Whenever you lack motivation try creating a challenge. Remember, if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you.

So this picture was taken today and I'm excited to see progress! I have so many exciting events coming up, my graduation from graduate school, my one year anniversary, the start of summer, trips planned. I want to feel and look my best. I know this will hold me accountable because having an audience is that much more of a push.

So, what does this challenge entail? I put together my own personal challenges and goals that I would like to take on and accomplish.

Cleaner foods. While I already live a clean eating lifestyle, there are tweaks I can make to "clean" up my diet a little more. Food labels will be a big part of my reading material. I'm going to fill up on more fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

Smaller portions. Eating healthy is a great step towards changing any body, but just because it's healthy doesn't mean you should stuff your belly to the brim. I need to work on eating smaller portions and listening to my body to know when its satisfied, not full.

New and challenging workouts. The reason behind my slump could be a lack of imagination in the gym. I'm going to mix up my workouts more by trying new machines and taking classes again. I need a challenge and I need to push myself more.

More water. This is a necessity. I know I don't drink enough water because of the headaches I often get. I may need to purchase a large water jug so it's convenient and a big reminder to drink up.

No alcohol or cheat meals. Boyfriend and I like to indulge in a glass of wine on some nights or weekend cocktails. No more boozin' for me! Alcohol can really hinder progress and makes the body feel lousy.

Research nutrition and fitness. You can never be too smart. I'm constantly learning by researching information on nutrition and fitness. I want to learn more, more, more! Fitness websites and Oxygen Magazine will be my best friends.

And there you have it. Wish me luck on my challenge!



  1. Good luck! It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who takes a few steps back every once in a while. Your posts are really inspiring, thanks for sharing your journey and setting an example for others who want to start bettering their life and body.

  2. This is my absolute favorite blog. You have really been an inspiration to jump back on the horse. I recently had surgery on my knee and I haven't been able to workout for about four months. Your ab workout made me really sore the other day (and I couldn't even finish two sets)!!! I am hoping to get back into the swing of things and finish some workouts haha. I hope you can get back to the better lifestyle you envision. I will be with you every step of the way.

  3. So glad I am not the only one who goes through lulls! Thanks for the post-very motivational as always X


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