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teacher mishaps

Since I started my job as a teacher there have certainly been some amusing, and mostly embarrassing moments. I thought I would share a few with you.

How about the time I got to work and realized I had two different shoes on. They were the same concept: a plain flat. Yet, one was black and one was blue. The woes of digging through a closet in a dark room. Curse you, Boyfriend, for not letting me turn the light on at six in the morning.

How about the time one of my students said, "You look different today." I curiously asked, "How so?" She innocently said, "You look like the devil." Precious little five-year-old, right?

How about the time I left work with my awesome dinosaur hat still on. I was wondering why I was getting the strangest looks from other drivers. Is something on my face? Is my hair sticking up? Is my tire flat? No, it's the paper stegosaurus on your head, genius.

How about the time one of my little kiddos punched me straight in the tata. That boy is going to have some issues if he keeps that up in the future.

My job comes with a lot of sweet, funny, and testing moments, but I love every second of it.



  1. hahaha You're adorable. [And look nothing like the devil.]

    xx, Elin


  2. Where is your lipstick from? So cute!


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