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believe in yourself

I think there are two powerful messages behind this. First, be yourself. Second, believe in yourself. The two go hand-in-hand if you think about it. You have to believe in yourself to be yourself. When you are comfortable with who you are and have a strong relationship with yourself, you can live your life the way you choose. You can go after your ambitions and dreams. You can stop comparing yourself to others or trying to find your identity in what others are doing. It's a beautiful time in life when you can be completely comfortable with who you are.

The moment when it clicks in your head and your heart is life-changing. I believe it takes time to find out who you are and be okay with who that person is. Actually, more than okay. To be proud. It's as if years and years of searching comes to an end with the greatest treasure of all: self-love. It's when you're free to say what you feel, look how you want, believe in certain things, and never have to apologize for it.

Although, people sure will make you feel like you should apologize for who you are. Forget them. Forget anyone who says you can't, or who doesn't love you the way you love yourself. They aren't meant to be in your life, they're meant to be in someone else's. No need to feel bad about it, or wonder what's wrong with you. Keep believing in yourself. Keep loving yourself. Keep supporting yourself. Keep living in love and happiness.


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  1. I love this and I'm working on it- especially stop comparing myself to others! :-) xx


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