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Boyfriend and I headed north to go hiking at Sycamore Canyon and explore Jerome afterwards. The drive was quick, and the weather was perfect when we arrived. We drove some bumpy roads to get to the canyon, but we made it in one piece. We trekked down the canyon with our snacks, water, and dawning our swim suits. We arrived at the waterhole and no one was around. We ate our snacks, went in the water, and hiked up some cliffs. It was a great afternoon in nature.

Next, we drove a short amount of time to Jerome. Oh, and on that drive we ran into some wild horses! They were beautiful. When we got to Jerome, we visited the Grand Hotel and had the heeby jeebies the whole time. We didn't stay long due to the eeriness. We followed that up with some delicious burgers and drinks at the Haunted Hamburger. We kept exploring Jerome until it was time for our ghost tour in the evening. We were given flash lights and EMF readers. It was a lot of fun, filled with great stories, but no sightings. Our EMF readers did go crazy in some of the hotels. I was less scared than I thought I would be, but that could be due to the alcoholic beverages I consumed beforehand.

Overall, it was a really fun and spontaneous trip. Here are some snapshots...


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