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hungry for change

Last night, my mom and I watched the documentary, Hungry for Change. It was a real eye-opener to the awful ingredients we don't know is in our food. I already look at nutrition labels to see what goes into my system, but it was scary looking back on what I used to eat and what my co-workers eat. Even Boyfriend, yes you! Put down the ice cream, babe.

I enjoyed the factual information they gave, the amazing success stories of people who cured their illnesses with food, and the speakers within the film. I also enjoyed that it wasn't pushing me to say goodbye to eating meat or convert to veganism. While everyone is entitled to their own lifestyle, I am entitled to mine, and I choose to eat lean protein in the form of meat.

I highly suggest this documentary to anyone who is interested in clean eating or wanting to make a lifestyle change. Check out the trailer here. It's available on Netflix, which is where I watched it!



  1. Yes! I loved that this is one of the few docs that doesn't push vegetarianism or a vegan life style. To each his own, but I'm not giving up my meat - of course organic, grass-fed, free-range, etc. meat :)

  2. haven't watched this one yet, but another amazing Netflix watch is Forks Over Knives... very interesting especially when it comes to heart health : )


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