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These are some of my favorite foods to boost my metabolism. I think I eat them every single day, if not every other. They are definite staples in my diet, and they are so versatile. Here are some ways I eat them...

Almonds: Ground up as almond flour. Mixed with dark cacoa chips and dried cranberries. On salads.
Yogurt: Mixed with granola. Topped with fruit. In smoothies. Topped with chia seeds or flaxseed.
Green tea: Warm or cold with honey.
Oatmeal: In turkey muffins. Served warm with peanut butter. In oatmeal cookies. As cold overnight oats. Protein pancakes.
Apples: Dipped in almond butter. On salads. In oatmeal.
Eggs: Hard boiled. Egg white omelet. Fried egg over Ezekiel toast.

This is how I mix them up in my diet. How do you eat yours?


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