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updated meal plan

I felt like stepping up my game, so I updated my meal plan. I said goodbye to fruit and nut butters. Sad, but true. They are two of my favorite foods. However, I have vacation coming up soon and want to look my best. I came up with this meal plan by looking at Simply Shredded. The interviews with fitness models are super helpful and can point you in the right direction.

Keep in mind, I am no expert. I am not a professional. The experiences I have with my body are my own, whether they are through fitness routines or eating habits. Everyone is different. Everyone has the freedom to choose how they get fit or toned. At the point where I am at, I want to lean out a little. Mostly because I bought too many cropped tops for my summer trips. Haha.

Basically, I'm keeping my carbs low and eating them earlier in the day. The rest of the time I am eating protein and vegetables. I've gotten some great feedback from those training to be in competitions, and it looks like I'm on the right track. Wish me luck!



  1. WHATTTT look at you! That's awesome! Good luck,but don't get too carried away..

    Remember you are cutting out very important nutrients when you cut out fruit! I'm sorry, I know I sound like I'm lecturing :P

    I just love fruit way too much to give it up at this point. It's keeping me from consuming an entire gallon of ice cream.

    Give us more before and after pics :)

    <3 Lauren

  2. good luck with your new meal plan!! you should take a before and after pic ! im sure your body will change! :)

  3. Reading this post I felt like you where inside my head haha I have the same issue, I am trying to lean more because an upcoming vacation to a paradisiac beach. I will try to follow your meal plan because I will be wearing bikinis, crop tops and minimal clothes all day long!

    I wish you the best luck! Hope we both have great results. Thanks for sharing it :)

  4. Do you still follow the Tone it Up plan?


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