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vacay {LA & warped tour}

My vacation wrapped up, and now I am home to share it with you. I had such an amazing time and it feels like it was such a whirlwind now that I look back on it. It was full of family, friendship, and love. I feel very, very blessed to have the life I do.

Soooo...I flew to California to stay with my sister and Lukie Bear. We watched the Disney Channel, went out to eat, shopped at The Grove, and saw Monsters University. Lukie is getting so big, and sillier and sillier by the day. It was wonderful to spend time with my sister and him. I miss them very much!

After a few days, my dear friends picked me up from my sister's and we headed to Ventura for Warped Tour. There was an insane amount of traffic, but we made it. I was so happy to see Boyfriend waiting there for me. The day was full of good music, and reuniting with friends and family. Then the touring journey with boyfriend kicked off.

We traveled back to our home of Arizona for some days off before the next show on the tour. We celebrated Boyfriend's birthday, had a blast at the Warped Tour Bowling Tournament, went to the movies a bunch of times (Monsters University again and World War Z), and ate out with friends.

Next, we traveled to New Mexico for their next show. It was dusty and hot, but it was a good time. We traveled back to Arizona for their next show, and spent the day with our families. It was hot, but thank goodness for an air-conditioned bus. This is where Boyfriend and I said our sad goodbyes, and I headed home.

It's a fun lifestyle, and I love that Boyfriend shares it with me. Traveling on a bus and watching their shows every day still feels new to me, but I do enjoy it. Their fans are incredibly sweet! It's tough being apart, but it's great that we make it work by having me visit. He and his band work so hard at what they do, and the shows they put on are so enjoyable to watch. I feel a lot of pride watching him do what he loves day in and day out.

Here are some snapshots...



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