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Hello readers! My apologies for being MIA for the past two days, but a girl has to take a vacation every once in awhile. As I mentioned, I was on the east coast with Boyfriend hopping from city to city for Warped Tour (just like last year). I had an amazing time, not only with him, but with some dear friends who were also out on the tour. I honestly feel so blessed to be able to share these experiences with those close to me.

The trip consisted of a lot of band-watching, drinks, exploring some cities, a dodge ball tournament (yes!), meeting more of Boyfriend's family, and great laughs. Blessthefall (Boyfriend's band) put on an amazing show day in and day out. They never disappoint! While I certainly miss Boyfriend already, I know the show must go on, and I have to start work up again.

Here are snapshots...


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