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I definitely have people I look up to and gain inspiration from. It's not your typical celebrities or Victoria's Secret models. While they are beautiful, we can't all have customized (often crazy) diet plans and personal trainers. I look up to real people. A lot of whom are on Instagram. I will refer to them as my IIFYM girls! These girls who have a flexible diet and healthy attitudes toward food and bangin' bodies. What is IIFYM? I posted about it here.

While I gain a lot of insight from these girls, my top role model is myself. I am me. I am no one else. No one else can be me. I've fought hard to get where I am today. It's not just about the weight loss. It's the strength I've earned, and am still earning. It's the healing I've done, and am still doing. There is a whole bigger picture outside of appearance. It's been about finding confidence, reaching goals and making new ones, and creating a life I want, no matter what anyone says. It's been about finding healthy relationships and better ways to spend my time, after having damaging "love" interests, catty friendships, and too many nights of too many drinks. I think I just found my self-worth when I realized what I was capable of and being proud of who I am.

For those who think this is all just about appearances, it's not. It's about becoming who you want to be. For me, it's setting goals and having dreams and kicking my ass in the gym to see how far my body will take me. It's about eating foods that serve a nutritional purpose, but also enjoying treats too because balance is key. It's about being strong, not skinny or defined by a scale. It's about feeling confident. It's about competing only with myself. It's about blocking negativity out, and knowing who I am and what I stand for. It's about learning and being open-minded. I've counted calories. I've done "clean" eating. I'm currently and happily following IIFYM. No way is better or more superior. It's finding what works for you, physically AND mentally. It's about being you, and being your own inspiration.


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