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I don't know why I felt the urge to write this post, but sometimes inspiration, or more so reflecting,  strikes. Ready for this mumbo jumbo? I hope it makes some sort of sense to you as it tumbles out of my brain.

Life is a funny thing. It's a blessed thing. Is it even a thing? It's time in my opinion. It's moments collected. It's something we can't hold onto physically, but sometimes find ourselves holding on for dear life. It throws the hardest of punches and gives us the sweetest joys. Both we never thought would come true. It can last for thirty seconds or it can last for one hundred years. It's always changing, and we are just part of it. I would like to say we are in control of it, but a lot of the times we aren't. We are only in control of how we feel and what we make of the circumstances it brings.

I see so many people complain about their circumstances. I am often one of them, which I'm working on. They could be the tiniest things and we let them ruin our day.
"This guy cut me off." 
"They gave me the wrong order at Starbucks." 
"That girl bugs the crap out of me."

Then there are the slightly bigger "problems."
"I have a bad roommate." 
"I want to quit my job." 
"I was dumped."

We've all heard it, we've all said it. But when you look at the bigger picture, who the hell cares? You're not going to teach that dude to drive. You'll survive with whipped cream in your coffee. That extra minute spent in line isn't making a huge dent into your time. You can move out, or you can communicate with that roommate. You can find a job that you like. You can move on from a breakup.

What you can't do is get those seconds, minutes, hours, months of your life back that you spent complaining and being down. If life is time, and time is precious, then why are you wasting it? There are people who would love to be in your shoes where your only problem is high school drama or some other bull shit. Or one shot of espresso, as opposed to two. The world must be ending.

I'm guilty of the pity party and the complaining and the bad moods. It happens. All I'm saying is feel the emotion, and get over it. Or just take a deep breath and move on. It's something I'm working on, and honestly feel like I've gotten better at.

This post stems from news I heard about a girl I know. She's one I've always known to have an unfaltering spirit. She literally radiates positive vibes. She's probably one of the most adventurous girls you'll ever meet, and truly appreciates life. It's this same girl who was diagnosed with leukemia, and is now in battle against it. She probably doesn't know (and wouldn't expect) that I keep up with her journey and think about her almost every day. Surprise, K! (Kisses for Kaleigh). Even in this difficult time, she still manages to keep her spirits soaring. That, my friends, is what an inspiration is.

It's unfortunate reminders like this that put things into perspective for all of us who think life is so hard.

Wake up, appreciate, and live.


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