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I'm in la-la-looove with my new extensions from Bellami Hair. I was so excited to open up my package in the mail yesterday. Inside I found the softest, thickest hair, most natural looking clip-in hair extensions. The color was a little light for my newly dyed hair, but I had no problem dying them to match perfectly. I would suggest getting color matched by their extremely helpful staff, which I didn't do. Ooops!

I ordered the Chocolate Brown, 220 gram, 22 inch hair. I dyed them a little darker and the reddish hues came through beautifully to match my hair! I also trimmed them up a little bit. What I love about these extensions is that they are double drawn. What's that mean? It means they are thick and voluminous from top to bottom, unlike those extensions that thin out way too much at the end. I see so many girls looking like they have mullets. Yikes! Besides the quality and thickness of the hair, the clips are extremely comfortable and stay in really well.

If you are looking to add some length and thickness to your hair, I highly suggest the Bellami Hair extensions. They are by far the best extensions I have ever owned. I honestly feel like a mermaid!


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