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I fell in love with this simple list of things you are always better off without. I came across it on Thought Catalog. What can you do without?

1. Communication with family members who drive you mad.
2. Access to old love letters that it kills you to read.
3. Junk food you’re just going to binge on the night you buy it.
4. Putting your energy into maintaining an image of yourself that is dishonest.
5. Desperately trying to achieve any convention of success that you find banal.
6. Dependence even though its comfortable.
7. People who inadvertently curate your mindset about yourself.
8. Partners who don’t have the same long term vision for the relationship.
9. Getting too settled into your beliefs that you limit yourself to growth.
10. Another shot at the bar because you’re “not feeling it yet.”
11. Doling out disingenuous compliments for the sake of reciprocation or just looking like a nice person.
12. Sex that feeds an impulse but is emotionally damaging in the long term.
13. Entertaining those who just want to irrationally argue without resolve.
14. A religion that doesn’t suit you even if it disappoints other people.
15. Passivity.
16. Things that come very easily; you never appreciate them as much.
17. Excesses of anything material that you don’t need and someone else very well might.
18. Hope for unhealthy things to happen again because you’re attached to them

Basically, let go of anything that now longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. Goodbyes aren't scary when they can bring so many good things into your life and your soul.


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