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heydaze headbands

[dress: Free People, cuff: Urban Outfitters, headband: Heydaze Headbands]
If you love headbands, but can't ever find one that fits you then Heydaze Headbands are what you need. They come in adorable colors and trendy patterns, and they are adjustable with a clever snapback closure. I love that idea!

Rachel Arnett, the creator of the headbands was kind enough to send this one my way. I quickly fell in love with it and her! Here is what she had to say about her company,

 "I always wear headbands and I don't think I have a huge head but I would always have marks on my forehead and get headaches or light headed if they were too tight. I would complain to my boyfriend and he was like why not make them a snapback? So, I cut a snap out of a hat I had and made a trial one and it was actually really awesome and then things took off from there. We're just a fun brand for everyone who's carefree and youn,  just living the dream. We're based in San Diego making the first ever snapback headbands. We have several different styles and tons of fabrics. They match anyone life style for working out, laying out, going out, etc. They're super comfy and adjustable so they will fit everyone without leaving forehead indentations."

Go check out her amazing website and browse all of the fabulous styles!


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