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I am beyond excited to be partnering with Pressed Juicery. They are totally a company that I back and believe in. They promote health, but also make it easy and attainable with their awesome delivery service.

I have never been one to try out juicing. It seemed way intimidating. I didn't want to buy a juicer. I didn't know what would taste good together. I felt like I would be wasting fruits and vegetables if I didn't get through them all. Pressed Juicery makes it easy for me. I pick the juices I want and they're delivered to my door, cold, fresh, and ready to drink. EASY!

Their flavors are absolutely delicious and perfect for those on-the-go. I take them to the gym, on bike rides, to work, on errands, etc. If I don't have time to make breakfast or a snack, then I just have one of these juices.

Sometimes health and fitness can seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. I love that there is a company out there that can end the confusion. It makes a healthy lifestyle simple.


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