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If we stopped striving for perfection then we would probably find a healthy mind and a love for our bodies.There is no such thing as perfection. It's unattainable and will lead you on an unfulfilling, never ending journey. Don't do that to yourself.

Be realistic in your goals towards fitness. Think about what really matters. I'm all for goals, but if they leave you unhappy and miserable then what's the point? Is a six-pack really worth it? I think not.
Too much of anything can be bad, even if it includes working out or eating the purest of foods all the damn time. Your body will get worn out and you may binge on junk or your social life may suffer, along with your mental health. I've been there.

Find a balance that works for YOU.  
Don't try to live up to other people and what they do. 


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  1. I love this! I definitely needed to hear this today. I've been working on embracing my weaknesses, which I think is the only way we can be happy!
    Erika @ ablondethinks26.blogspot.com


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