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hearts necklace

I love my new necklace from Hearts. This is the Bone and Arrow Triangle Necklace, and it's the perfect length and look to give off a more boho feel. On top of that, here is the awesome story behind it...

"A collective group of women in India who create Hearts low impact designs are protected by Fair Trade standards. In India, many women in urban environments successfully enter the workforce after completing their formal education. In more rural areas, although most women are able to work in the agriculture industry, they often feel some pressure to stay home and tend to their families. This Fair Trade cooperative helps empower Indian women by teaching them certain skills and then employing them with fair wages, which allows the women to help financially support themselves and their families through a creative outlet. This organization not only gives Indian women another option in terms of employment, but ensures that the live healthy lives and their work conditions are safe."

I love that I am supporting such a great cause, as do all of the ethical fashion pieces that Hearts has to offer. You can really feel good about the pieces you are wearing!

[Bone and Arrow Triangle Necklace by Hearts; arrow necklace by Jennifer Zeuner]


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