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Sometimes it feels like everyone has it all figured out. Then I see there are those who have absolutely nothing figured out, or those who are somewhere in between.

I feel like I fall in the "somewhere-in-between" category.
I'm 26. Is this normal?

My friend, Caroline tweeted something humorous the other day.

"Dear @ThoughtCatalog, please stop telling me what defines my life. Take your "How You Know You're in Your 20s" lists and shove them up your."

I think that 140 character limit cut her off before it got good.

But really, who defines where we are supposed to be in our twenties or thirties or forties and so on? Is there some written guideline that tells us we are supposed to be at this age and that age? Is there some map we are expected to follow?

I have never been one to want to just settle.
In relationships.
In friendships.
In careers.

I don't want to get to be ninety-years-old and feel like I settled for a mediocre life. I want to feel like I led a truly happy life. I want to feel like I at least tried for something bigger.

When I say bigger, I don't mean a big house, an expensive car, designer shoes. Although, I do dream of my future house...and more importantly my future kitchen.

I mean bigger for my soul. I want to feed my soul with a real love for life. With passions that truly mean something to me. With dreams that are only found in my heart. With happiness that comes fr moments and memories.

I have expensive taste, right?

I found my soulmate and soul sisters. I am blessed beyond belief to have such wonderful human beings in my life.

As far as how I spend the rest of my life, I just know that I don't want to settle just yet.

...for now,
I'll dream of baking, motivating others in fitness and health, and writing books.
...and work towards accomplishing all of it.


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