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taking on too much

Okay guys, for awhile there (the past few weeks) I felt so incredibly stressed. I was working a lot. It's the end of the school year, so it's chaos. I had a dog I thought was sick because of some alarming vet test results. I had a personal training textbook that seemed too daunting with anatomy that I refused to touch it. I had social media and a blog to keep up with, which may seem silly to some, but when they become somewhat of a second job then it really isn't all that silly.

So, whyyy did I take on another project?

1. I always wanted a YouTube Channel


2. I have so many ideas that I want to put in motion and goals to accomplish


3. I must be crazy.

I tend to have these ideas and I want to set them all in motion at once. Then I find myself in a whirlwind of stress. It's a common cycle for me. I know I do it to myself, so I won't play the whole "woe is me" bit...for too long at least.

I've always been so after everything in life. I want things and I want them now. I don't feel like wasting any time, especially when it comes to pursuing my dreams. I truly believe that working your ass off gets you places, hence the aforementioned "stress whirlwind."

Right now, I feel much better in the place I'm at. Perhaps, I've gotten the hang of vlogging and editing and uploading and exploring the wonderful world of YouTube. Or perhaps, my time management skills have significantly improved in the past couple days. Or perhaps, I knew I could handle it all along. Well, at least for now.

My question to you is, when do you know you're taking on too much?



  1. I am so similar to you in this way, also wanting to take on everything I can because why not chase your dreams? I think this might be why you always inspire me!

    To answer your question, I know that I'm taking on too much when I get behind in my school responsibilities. I think that comes first! I usually can balance myself out though, and I am a strong believer in making time for everything you want to do.

    x, Paige

  2. For me, it's when I realize I'm crying often and out of the blue. Alas, at that point it's usually too late!

  3. I am LOVING your new youTube channel!

  4. I know I am overwhelmed when I'm crying at the drop of a hat, want to emotionally eat and when I would rather just sleep in bed than deal with anything. I've always been a go-getter and tend to overwhelm myself with everything I want to accomplish. Sometimes I hold myself back--for example, my fiance and I keep putting off wedding planning because it's stressing us out--but I've realized it's best to just jump right in. If I want to do something, I might as well just do it and get it done, instead of trying to find the perfect time to start everything and hoping things all line up perfectly. Currently, I'm juggling a 40+ hour/week job, studying for my personal training cert, health and fitness blog and Instagram (definitely a lot to keep up with, so kudos to you!) and trying to find time to workout and just enjoy life. Phew, it's definitely a challenge some days, but it will be totally worth it! Cheering you on :)


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