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When did it become the norm to look a certain way? When did it become a fight/struggle to have a certain body shape? WHO told me I had to look a certain way?

I have been asking myself these sorts of questions for the past few months because I've honestly been so lost. I wasn't finding joy in the gym or in healthy foods. I was finding joy at home relaxing or going out to eat. I took a lot of time off from the gym and healthier choices. I was sick of it all.

Diets and working out seven days a week don't even grant me the "so-called" ideal body traits, so why am I killing myself to live up to unrealistic expectations or others' bodies? I am ME! I'm tired of being unhappy and struggling to conform to a diet I hate/workouts I hate in order to achieve some "body type." Is an ideal body type even real?

We are all different! We are all beautiful. Why are we constantly trying to change into someone else? Sorry if this disappoints you as some sort of "fitness role model," but I'm over fitting the norms and acting like I'm perfect. I'm over striving to be like someone else and conforming to their lifestyle.

There is no such thing as an ideal body type. We all have different views on what is attractive. It's high time we start viewing ourselves as attractive and good enough.


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  1. I love this post. I've just discovered you via Instagram, interestingly for me, this is the first post I chose to read (aside from your intro post). Here we are, all searching for the 'ideal body', it doesn't exist. Only our bodies and how we choose to shape them, love them, fuel them, right?! I struggle every day to accept where I am in this given moment. Like I said, I love this post, keep reminding us. X


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